General FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is DOT and Non-DOT?
DOT is an abbreviation for the Department Of Transportation. If you employ a workforce of commercial drivers you are likely already familiar with this term. All commercial drivers must undergo pre-employment testing as well as regular random testing as per the DOT guidelines. If an accident occurs while in a company vehicle the employee in question must immediately be tested as well, making our mobile testing services very convenient.

Non-DOT testing refers to any non-commercial driving testing needs, personal tests (parents, other in home needs), etc. If you do not employ people who need to drive commercial vehicles, you would fall into the Non-DOT category, to which we could offer you our instant test results.

Are you DOT certified and compliant?
All of our mobile testing professionals are DOT certified in both drug and alcohol screening. We can render any of our services in compliance with the DOT guidelines as stated in the provisions of DOT 49 CFR Part 40. We can also submit your documents to the DOT program (additional fee required for submissions).
Are your services truly 24/7?
YES! You can schedule an appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (even holidays)! Note that an additional fee may be required for after hour service, weekends, and holidays.
How long does it take for you to arrive on site?
Our mobile testing professionals are spread strategically across the Tucson region so we can usually have someone at your location of business within an hour of receiving your call (more than likely sooner).
Do you offer testing services at your location of business?
Yes! While we specialize in mobile drug and alcohol testing we can also test your employees at our location. However since we do not take walk-ins at this moment all of our in office tests must be scheduled by calling (520) 230-5824.
What cities in Southern Arizona do you service?
We service most of Southern Arizona by request including the following cities: Tucson, Arizona Vail, Arizona Sahuarita, Arizona Green Valley, Arizona Marana, Arizona Sierra Vista, Arizona Oro Valley, Arizona Don’t see your city listed? Simply call us to confirm at (520) 230-5824. Also please keep in mind that we do charge travel fees outside of our general service area of Tucson, AZ.
Why screen my employees for drug and alcohol?
Answer coming soon.


Mobile Drug Testing FAQ

Why drug test?
Drug abuse in the workplace will put employers at a higher risk of accidents on the job, increased insurance costs, more absenteeism and lower productivity. Drug testing helps to mitigate these risks by screening out employees and applicants who use illicit drugs. More than 75% of illicit drug users are employed, so there is a high chance of your current workforce using them.
What type of mobile drug testing do you offer?
We offer urine, saliva, and hair follicle testing (DOT and Non-DOT). In addition to our lab based results we can also offer instant results for urine analysis. Please see Our Services page for a more in depth explanation on each of these services. Currently, all DOT testing must have the results processed through our lab. Instant test results are only offered for Non-DOT tests at this time.


Mobile Alcohol Testing FAQ

Why screen for Alcohol?
Answer coming soon
What device do you use for alcohol testing?
We currently use the Alcovisor Jupiter which uses Platinum Electrochemical Fuel Cell technology. The Jupiter is currently the most advanced breathalyzer on the market and allows us to instantly print the rest results within seconds of rendering the test. The units of measure for these devices is: BAC: grm%, mg/mL, mg/100ml, or any other units. BrAC: mg/L, or any other units.


Mobile Fingerprinting FAQ

Why would I need mobile fingerprinting?
Answer coming soon.
What mobile fingerprinting technology do you use?
Answer coming soon.


Background Checks FAQ

Why initiate a background check?
Answer coming soon.
What do your background checks cover?
Answer coming soon.