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Tucson AZ Mobile Drug And Alcohol Testing Service

24/7 Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing Service

All of our mobile drug and alcohol testing services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week (within the greater Tucson AZ area). Our testing professionals are on call 24/7 and are always as prompt as possible. Upon receiving your call we can give you an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). If you are located outside of the greater Tucson area we will simply need a little more time to be available due to the commute. We generally service all of Southern Arizona by request.

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Tucson AZ Drug Testing Service

Mobile Drug Testing In Tucson AZ

DOT Urine drug collection (Laboratory based results)

We arrive at your location to collect a urine specimen for DOT drug testing. Once the specimen has been collected and the paperwork is completed we seal everything and take it to our local laboratory for processing. If your headquarters are out of state we can FEDEX the specimens to your local MRO (Medical Review Officer). All of our collectors are DOT certified and compliant. We have relationships with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp to process our specimens or alternatively we can use your lab of choice (in state or out of state). We will provide our own CCFs, specimen cups, etc unless your company can provide them with your MRO and DER information pre-printed.

Non-DOT Urine drug collection (Instant results)

We arrive at your location to collect a urine sample and are able to provide the results within 4 minutes of attaining the urine. At your request we can collect both instant and lab based tests at the same time, which will manage confirmation of non-negative instant test results. Using urine the period of detection is roughly 3 days depending on consistency and length of time of the drug(s) taken, as well as the donor’s metabolism.

While most Non-DOT businesses prefer the instant results there are also a few disadvantages to consider. Urine testing can be adulterated unless the donor is contacted and immediately escorted to their test and the proper protocol is followed. Furthermore, cutoff concentrations are not always 100% accurate since concentration may be influenced by water intake. We have found that the results on the instant test cup can be off as much as 5% of the time and litigation risks exist unless the results are confirmed by a laboratory based test.

Since we specialize in mobile testing, 90% of the time the donor is completely unaware that they are about to be tested, which greatly cuts down on the likelihood of them being able to adulterate the test.

Saliva testing * DOT and Non-DOT

Hair follicle testing * DOT and Non-DOT

Note: In terms of choosing which mobile drug testing method would suit you best you can simply weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each collection procedure. While each individual method will offer the same results, some businesses need lab based drug testing for court purposes and DOT compliance, while others like the convenience and other advantages of instant results.

If you need help choosing which method would be best for your business please feel free to call one of our testing professionals at (520)230-5824 or simply contact us via our contact page.

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Tucson AZ Mobile Alcohol Testing

Mobile Alcohol Testing In Tucson AZ

We arrive at your location of choice to conduct our BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) test. Breath alcohol testing will be conducted with our top of the line DOT approved breathalyzer testing devices. On all positive screening tests a confirmation test will be conducted after a 15 minute wait time. The confirmation test will be conducted by using an evidential breath testing device and will be the final result reported to the employer. On all D.O.T. (Department Of Transportation) tests A.D.O.T. will need to be notified of the results as well. We offer a service where we can do the reporting for you for an additional fee or you will be responsible for reporting it on your own.

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Tucson AZ Mobile Background Checks

Background Checks

Most employers understand the importance of having a workforce which is free from criminal pasts, fraudulent activity, and many other things. This will help to ensure that you do not make a poor hiring decision which could ultimately haunt your company, your other employees, and your client base. When you consider the cost and time which would be expended in finding a replacement for that poor hiring decision or the potential for a lawsuit stemming from hiring an unethical or dishonest person, it tends to be a win/win to fully investigate this individual before they ever enter your workforce.

We partner with a company who specializes in pre-employment background checks and offers an array of solutions and packages to best suit your needs. Whether you simply want to see if the information contained within their resume is accurate, or you would like a more in-depth look into this persons character, we have a package that will give detailed information to match.

Some of the data that can be compiled in our background checks:

  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Criminal records
  • Education records
  • Social security checks
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Employment records
  • Sex offender lists

* Additional background data can be compiled for a more in depth look at potential employees.

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Tucson AZ Mobile Fingerprinting Service

Mobile Fingerprinting

Our mobile fingerprinting service offers the ability to collect fingerprints in the privacy of your own home or office, without the need to visit your local police department. Thus avoiding long waiting periods, restricted hours, and the uncomfortable and often intimidating environment. We use state of the art equipment which allows the capture of high quality fingerprints regardless of skin condition or age. This technology provides both flat and rolled images, which fully comply with the FBI’s IAFIS Appendix F specification, in 90 seconds or less per applicant.

Fingerprints which are needed for background checks for government employees, people who work with children, or the various other occupations, can be run through our computerized “Live-Scan” fingerprinting system which is directly linked to the FBI as well as all of the local law enforcement agencies.

Some benefits of our mobile fingerprinting service:

  • Live-Scan technology reduces wait time and increases accuracy.
  • No more messy ink! We collect digital fingerprints.
  • No more rejected print cards!
  • Reduced cost of gas, mileage, parking, lost productivity and wages

*These are only a few of the many advantages of using our mobile fingerprinting service.

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Home Drug Testing Kits

Home Drug Testing Kits

While we offer mobile drug and alcohol testing services 24/7 at your location of choice, some of our clients still prefer the privacy that a home drug test kit offers. Keep in mind though that we can arrive in an unmarked company vehicle, in plain clothes, per your request, as to avoid any privacy issues.

If you still prefer that we rush a home drug testing kit to your home, we offer an online store which stocks a variety of these tests to suit your needs. Please browse our home drug testing kits store to see what we offer and for in depth information on each kit offered.

In terms of accuracy, our mobile testing service guarantees a much more accurate result with fewer chances of adulteration of the test. Some clients (mainly parents) prefer to run their own in home testing and once a positive result is seen, call us out for a more accurate result.

If you would like to compare these home testing kits against our in home testing services, please Contact Us.

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